Pink is Better_type

The story of ‘Pink is Better’ takes on many meanings. Which will you choose? Fill out the Madlib to unlock an exclusive song snippet off Token’s upcoming album.

I just did a sold out show in Amsterdam and all I could think about was . The best highs always come after the best shows. I had just flown this girl in from Italy who always made me feel without even trying to. She was wearing high heels and a red dress, per my request. Ever since I started my life has been a little different… by 3am, I’m basically always . This night was no different. I was so the promoter told my tour manager about the best place to go. I asked my girl if she was down to roll, even though I already knew the answer. Low key, I feel like I struck gold with her because she’s literally always . We all headed to the spot.

30 minutes had passed. It was clear by all the quiet chit chat when I arrived, that they knew who I was… they just didn’t realize how I am. My head was down the whole time. I ordered the moment I sat down. That’s my favorite because . But like always, 15 minutes later, I ended up getting too so I went to the bathroom to . When I came back, my girl was gone. I really wanted to her, but for some reason, I decided not to.

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